GSoC 2021: Regression Testing of Geometry Nodes: Weekly Reports

This post will be used for updating the progress on Regression of Geometry Nodes project.
Have a look at the proposal and daily logs.
For feedback, this thread itself can be used.
From last year’s experience, since this project doesn’t directly affect the users, feedback received is less.

The Geometry Nodes Survey Form has comments enabled, feel free to add your remarks or make corrections, point to resources or Youtube videos or attach a link to your blend files.
What I am looking for is simple blend files that can be used for testing the Geometry Nodes. Thanks!

Week 0: 17 May - 23 May

I got vaccinated for my first dose, so few days I was in recovery.

  • Less activity on bug tracker.
  • Talked to mentors : Jacques and Habib on
  • Topics of discussion: Incorporate versioning of geometry nodes in testing.
  • Official kick-off starter meeting planned on Tuesday, 25th.

Plans for next week:

  • Study geometry nodes and discuss and think ways for how it can be tested.
  • Planning to go from the top and start with Attributes.
  • Do a literature survey by looking at Blender and Houdini documentation and how they work.

Week 1: 24 May - 30 May

  • Moderately active on Bug Tracker
  • Changes: I started with surveying Point Nodes
  • Went through sample files of GN.
  • Convex Hull operator test shifted to next week.
  • Link for Geometry Nodes Survey.

Plans for next week:

  • Will be less active on tracker.
  • More time with GN.
  • Look at Color and Material Nodes.
  • Another look at Geometry and Mesh nodes.
  • Look at LazyDodo’s Geometry Node builder.

Meeting was at Friday, 12 CEST.
Platform: Google Meet
Attended by: Habib Gahbiche, Himanshi Kalra

Meeting Agenda:

  • Run the Class design by the mentor.
  • Feedback on the current state of things.
  • Fixing a review day (if a review is due)
  • Rules for using an existing addon in the code or copying it.
  • Thought on Attributes and Utilities, can they be tested…
  • Open a TODO/Task for test/example case contributions for simple blend files for Geometry Nodes.


  • Python API for setting attributes of geometry nodes.
  • They are accessed by index[i].default value instead of name…
  • Discuss on the different types of attributes [IMP].
  • API for using existing addon “addon_utils”, perhaps.
  • versioning

Meeting Notes:

  • Discussed Class Design and made some changes (Adding Geometry Nodes Modifier as part of the Geo Node class)
  • Reviewing within fixed number of days instead of a specific day. (e.g. within 2 working days)
  • Discussed to look at an approach with loading a blend file with existing Geometry Nodes tree.
  • Code Specific Issues and Class - Differentiating between the 2 types of parameters in Geometry Nodes.
  • Versioning Releases (2.9 vs 3.0 etc): Regression Testing already covers testing amongst various git versions. (Clarify with Jacques)
  • Deciding on leaving Attribute Nodes for a later period, also talk with Simon (technical artist) to provide for meaningful test cases.

Week 2: 31 May - 6 June

  • Manual testing of some nodes. (Curve to Mesh)
  • Designing a raw prototype for the GeoNode Test class.
  • Meeting with mentor (Meeting Notes in the above post)

Plans for next week:

  • Try another approach for testing, blend file with pre-loaded modifiers.
  • Refine the design for the proposed solution as discussed in the meeting.

Week 3: 7 June - 13 June

  • The work on the script for testing blend files directly is almost complete.
  • Tried testing out some Geometry Nodes.

Plans for next week:

  • Shift the work to the soc branch.
  • Polish the script and put it up for review.
  • Add test cases for Mesh type Geometry Nodes.
  • Discuss Jacques’ new idea of regression testing.