GSOC 2021 Proposal : 2d Fluid Simulation

Hey I am interested in graphics programming. Although I am new to this field but I am willing to learn. I would like to work on 2d fluid simulation . Here is my proposal draft for gsoc 2021, it is not final though.
I am still trying to better understand the blender code base and its workflow. But i don’t seem to get a clear picture of how everything is integrated. Can you guide me to blogs or documentation that give bigger picture of this stuff. In particular I want to know more about RNA structures and the internal working and rendering of mesh and objects, modifiers vs operator.
Also I can’t get a proper documentation of mantaflow. ( Doxygen documentation doesn’t say much about working of api ). A guide to related documentation will also be helpful.
@sebbas you were marked as the mentor for this project, could you please give any feedback on this ? Thanks.


Hello, I too have the same problem. Is your problem resolved?