GSoC 2021: Displaying simulation data for rigid bodies and cloth: weekly reports

I’ll be working on the project to display simulation data for rigid bodies and cloth over the summer, and will post weekly reports here.
Here is the link to the proposal

Comunity bonding period:

work done so far:(17th May - 2nd June)

  • I’ve been familiarising myself with the code relevant to my project, especially the code in source/blender /draw and UI
  • With the guidance of my mentors, Sebastian Parborg and Sebastián Barschkis,I learnt how to draw a basic arrow(vector) in the viewport, and how to make UI panels.

Rest of the week:(till 7th June)

  • I plan to continue to read and understand the code, especially the bullet physics code
  • I will also be creating my own branch.

Week 1:

This week, I implemented visualisation for gravitational, normal and frictional forces, and forces applied by effectors.
Work that still needs to be done regarding the forces:

  • Figure out how to set the min and max clamps on the lengths of the vectors displayed
  • Some impulses are not displayed because(I think) they might have been applied in a substep and were over-written by zero vectors in a subsequent substep of the same timestep.
  • More tests to see if displayed forces are working properly

The resultant force is in blue, frictional in yellow, and the rest are in pink.

Plan for next week:

  • Finish displaying acceleration and velocity vectors
  • Visualise collisions
  • visualise states of rigid bodies