GSoC 2021: Curve Improvements: Weekly Reports

Hello everyone! This thread would be dedicated for posting the weekly reports regarding my progress with this project. The proposal can be found here.

There is also a thread dedicated to feedback so please post your feedback there. It would really help me to improve this project.

Progress (until June 7th)

I worked on the project during the past couple of months (I had some free time :slight_smile: ) and I have working implementations (more or less) of the two features I planned (see proposal). Note that it’s far from complete and has a lot of room for improvement. Especially the bevel tool which has a significant amount of work to be done from the side of UI.


Week 1 (June 7th to June 13th)

  • Created a design task: βš“ T88957 New Curve Edit Tool
  • Created a branch: soc-2021-curves
  • Started working on improving new curve edit tool.
  • Minor refactoring of the existing implementation of the curve edit tool.
  • Renamed the tool in the implementation as Curve Pen. The name may or may not change in the future, but for now, I will refer to the tool as Curve Pen.
  • Began working on a more efficient way of identifying the location of the cut on the curve.

Here’s a small demo of the Curve Pen that I made for the design task.

Plan for next week

  • Complete the implementation of the more efficient method mentioned above.
  • Refactor the code by breaking up into smaller functions.
  • Try using modal keymaps instead of hard coded key bindings.