GSoC 2021: 2D Fluid Simulations

Hello I am Jeremy Marks, I would like to introduce myself and start talking to the community about my interest in 2d fluid simulations for GSoC 2021. I am finishing my sophomore year at Clemson University with a major in computer science. I have done a lot of projects through school and self projects with c, c++, and python. I have not worked with fluid simulations before, but I actually use blender and think it would be great to have a 2d fluid simulation option and I would love to be able to work on implementing it.

I will be reading the codebase over the next few days to familiarize myself with the code I would be working with as well as doing some basic 2d fluid simulation research and test programs outside of blender to learn the basics.

Would love to have any feedback on what steps I should be taking next.



Blender has several tools to make fluids.

  • Old Particles system using physics type Fluid.
  • Mantaflow’s Fluid simulation modifier that offers a preview of a slice of simulation.
  • Dynamic Paint can be produced to animated textures from previous ones. And it can propagate waves on surface of canvas.

So, you should take a look to that.


Don’t forget to study the ocean modifier as well. That’s not really ‘fluid simulation’ but it performs a similar task.

Sorry, I actually got an internship somewhere for the summer, so I will not have time to work on the 2d fluid simulation. Hopefully I will have some more time later.