GSoC 2020: Liquid Simulation Display Options - Weekly Reports

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Week 1:

  • Made ‘Viewport Display’ options partially available for liquid domain type

  • Added display support for guide velocity vectors (effectors only) (3bd4739d5c19)

  • Next week:

    • Work on displaying the level-set grid mPhi in liquid domain.

That is great to see this functionality restored.

Velocity display for guides is very welcomed.
Unfortunately, currently, that is not really helpful.

Guides are ignored when cache mode is Replay mode.
Their effect is only taken into account when cache mode is Modular mode.
Unfortunately, velocity display does not seem to work in your branch for Modular mode.

It also would be welcomed to have a preview of Guiding Size setting, Surface Emission of Flow objects and Surface Thickness of effectors.


Thanks for testing it out, @RonanDucluzeau! Yes, currently, it only works in Replay mode when effectors are used as guides. Will try to extend the functionality in near future.

I think I forgot the most important thing for guides.
Guides are baked before fluid.

Currently, user is guessing their influence on fluid.
That is why a way to preview it and to correctly set it before baking fluid, is very helpful and can be a great timesaver.

Most of influence of guides comes from their movement or deformation.
That means that are not just velocities around mesh element at a specific frame that is useful.
That is their evolution during time that is meaningful.
So, if you could had a kiind of onion skinning of field of velocities created by guides, that will be very welcomed, too.


Week 2

  • Added Color Mapping options for liquid domains.

    • Added display support for phi grid. (eb2a512c9cea) (work in progress)


  • Next week:

    • Improve phi grid display and make it usable.

Week 3

  • Added support for raw grid display.

    • Added an option for color mapping fluid grids without any interpolation. (091f2b5ec885)


  • Added an option for grid scaling in Color Mapping. (2d5454d18a9b)

    • Handled the scaling of Phi grid as an exception due to the significance it holds for negative values.
      The following image demonstrates scaling a Phi grid.


Week 4

  • Added options to display the liquid grids Phi In, Phi Out and Phi Obstacle (999a44f02f8a)
    • Phi In, Phi Out and Phi Obstacle are the level-set representations of inflow, outflow, and obstacles(i.e. colliders) in the domain respectively. The following image demonstrates a 2D slice of the specified phi grids in a liquid domain cutting through an inflow, outflow and an obstacle.


Week 5


Week 6

  • Added an option for colouring fluid gridlines with Flags (58da6432d651)

  • Used procedural lines to draw fluid grid lines for better uniformity in the viewport (c0fbc4cfec13)

  • The following image demonstrates the new gridlines coloured based on the flag grid of a liquid domain.