GSOC 2020 Improve the text editor


I plan to apply for the next GSOC, and I have made a draft for an “improve text editor” project.
The draft is on google docs :

I’d like to know if there is interested for such project, and I’m looking for feedback to improve my proposition.


Great to read you are proposing a GSoC project for the Text Editor. Thank you. There are plenty of Blender relevant features in those BA add-ons you linked to which should be built-ins, imo.


Feature I’m dreaming about is autocompletion made with automatic dropdown list. Like in any other IDE. Without nedd to hit autocomplete hotkey for that every time

it has been already built by Jacq as addon for 2.7X :, I don’t think it has been updated. The best way of getting autocomplete today is probably and external IDE.
Blender bpy is tricky to autocomplete, as this is binary/library file. This is not a thread to discuss this so I will end here.

@Poulpy, the feature that you can start from, is add abiity for blender to create fake bpy by itself (ex. parameter in command line). The benefit is easy to start development in external IDE.

@ideasman42 Do you have an opinion on this proposal?

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