GSoC 2020 Draft: Parallax Occlusion Mapping Node for EEVEE

I am applying for GSoC 2020 and here is my proposal draft.
I would like to find out if it is a viable project and get feedback on it to improve my proposal.


There is already many implementations, like mine here:
yet a single node that has an image selector for the depthmap would be nice. just be sure to implement steep parallax occlusion, and shadow casting. your proposal looks like its based on 2006 tech. much has evolved on pom since then…
and please get sure to compute the true spatial direction of the V-vector (from the UV Map) all parallax shaders i’ve seen (other than mine) use the bitangent vector.
that leads to strange unusable distortions, if the surface is curved, like suzanne (in other words, if it has internal curvature)
the difference between them: the spatial v-axis (in 3d geometry space) may not be orthogonal to the spatial tangent vector, while the bitangent vector always is.


Thank you for your input!
I will keep these points you mentioned in mind.