GSoC 2020: Custom Menus - Weekly Reports

Thank for your support !

Week 5 : June 29 - July 5

Sorry, I got sick this week so I didn’t do much, I still fixed some issues and added a menu editor for pie menus.

Next week objective : catch up last week objectives and work on items edition


Week 6 : Jul 6 - 12

  • switch custom menu displaying from menu to operator
  • start implementation of multi user menus.

next week objective : finish implementing multi menu


This is and awesome Feature. I have 2 questions:

1 - Do you think it would be possible to export this into some kind of python Code?
2 - Will we be able to add Icons into those menu?

Thank you for all the good work.

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1 - It’s not planned in this project.
2 - yes, you’ll be able to use icons.

Thank you for the support


Week 7 : Jul 13 - 19

  • adding and removing an user menu
  • creating multiple menus implemented and fully working
  • you can change menu name

next week objective : add keymap binding and finish items edition


Week 8 : July 20 - 26

  • added keymap for each menus
  • started fixing pie menu button.

next week objective: finish pie buttons and items edition


Week 9 : July 27 - August 2


  • Pie menu : sub menu tools buttons set
  • property edition
  • operator properties edition
  • icon edition
  • Keymap displaying and keybinding remake

Next week objective : set unique identifier for user menus and ad panel displaying


The two dropdowns in the top center and top right (View3D and objectmode) are for setting the Poll conditions?

The content of the menu is different depending on where you use it. 3D view won’t have the same actions than the Node editor.

Week 10 : August 3 - 9


  • change id to auto generated id names
  • change icon edition
  • started to setup panel displaying

Next week objective : Finish panel setup


Week 11 : August 10 - 16

We’re coming close to the end of the GSoC so my mentor asked me to clean the work, fix bugs, …
Therefor, this week and the next one will mostly be about cleaning code.
Do not hesitate to report bugs and crashes.


I’d love to try this out, but the User Menus tab in the preferences is completely blank for me. And if I try to load factory defaults, Blender just crashes without warning. Maybe it’s because the built on GraphicAll is a bit old?

I just tried to compile it (on windows), but i’m getting some symbol error, and in the end there is no blender.exe in the build directory.

Hi, the blank screen has been fixed, I’ll go ask for a new build. I’m still working on the factory default crash. Thank you for the report.

I don’t know where you compilation error can come form, what error do get ?

Week 12 : August 17 - 23

Fixed bugs :

  • blank screen when using editor with an old userpref.blend
  • sett up id name from name.

Thats the error i get: Imgur Link

This is amazing. Any idea if it will ever be finished?


I was also hoping for it to be picked up again maybe in GSoC 2021 or this year.
We already nearly had SLIM UV unwrapping algorithm but it also stopped short before implementation AFAIR. :frowning:


To bad this and/or the main favorite edit has been halted


This one would’ve been a major usability improvement. :frowning:

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