GSoC 2019: Outliner Weekly Reports

How did you do to turn 200 commit into 14 ? I mean with git what was the process ?

Also congratulation for this gsoc !

It was a slow and manual process actually. I made a diff of my branch against master. Then I applied the diff as a patch to master. Using meld I removed changes until the only changes reflected a single feature. Then I committed. (I actually did this on a temporary branch off of master). Some features were easy to merge down to one commit, but something like syncing (which touches 20+ files) was more difficult. It took a few hours to get it down to 14 files.


Week 13

The coding portion of the summer of code ended last week, but I felt like I should give one final report on the project.

This week I submitted my final report. The submission deadline is the 26th of August, and after that I wait for final review from my mentors. In the last week I:

  • Updated the 2.81 user manual for the outliner to reflect the new changes
  • Discussed design for improved Edit mode and activation toggling within the outliner. I have started planning and designing the implementation of this. We hope to get it included in 2.81 because we aren’t happy with the current “select to toggle editmode behavior.”
  • Added the new icons for meta strips, duplicate strips, and the action constraints to the outliner drawing code.
  • Fixed a few issues with edit bone visibility toggling within the outliner.
  • Fixed the selected and active outliner theme colors being reset every time Blender opens.
  • Fixed synced selection not being enabled by default in older files.
  • Finally committed ctrl+shift+click to extend range select
  • Started finding and fixing the remaining cases where a selection sync is needed. Some operators (like duplicate) change the selection and these needed to tag for syncing.

It’s been a great summer, thanks for the ideas, feedback, and encouragement everyone! :smiley: