Grouping nodes seems impossible outside the context of the node editor

I don’t know if I’m in the right place to write this, in case someone signals it and I will solve it.
This is a request for functionality of the blender bees, with regard to the group of knots, it would be nice if it turned into a “To-Do”.

We tried so many, but this possibility is practically impossible, we tried to solve the problem by asking everywhere, but nobody found the answer, I think this is a great lack in the blender’s bees, we hoped to have news, but to this point it would be good to report to Blender programmers this serious lack.
Currently it is impractical to group a series of nodes present in the material slot, currently there are enough bees to create a group and insert the nodes, but on the contrary, it does not seem possible to group the nodes already present in a new Group or in an already existing one. It is continually suggested to use bpy.ops.node.group_make (), but this turns out to be very inconvenient due to the context in which it is executed, if for example it is run outside the node editor this generates not a few errors, it has been attempted also to override the context, but the same one comes across errors, and a code hunt must be written.
It would be great to have simple “Low level” bees to get a copy of the selected nodes and their links, without having to write hundreds of script lines.

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