Group Instance -> Collection Instance - Show Hide Issue

I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to use the Instance Proxy feature properly.
But for some reason still ‘show-hide’ does not work.

This is an essential part of my work.
I hope Group instance and Collection instace work the same way. It’s good to add more functionality, but not doing well can make things harder.

I want to work more smoothly in a big scene.
Now, there are many difficulties.
So using Instance Proxy is a must.
There is a problem with simply replicating.

I tried to fix it with tricks, but the problem is not easily solved.

The problem is not a real problem. You just ignore how collections works in 2.8.

Hold Alt key pressed while clicking on eye icon to obtain wanted behavior.

2.8 just offers more possibilities. Take a look to tooltip while hovering eye icon of outliner.

Thank you very much. I did not know how to use the new one. I searched the internet and it was hard to find anything about it. Most people around me do not even know about this feature. I would like to have a video with an explanation of this.

2.8 is a work in progress with daily changes.
People may take time to provide a video. It could be outdated one month after their publication.
People wanting their work to last a little bit will wait 2.80 release to provide a valuable help.

I understand. Even though version 2.8 is not officially released, it is tempting to experience the change of 2.8 too nice and fast.
I will also be acquainted with the features of version 2.8, and will join in creating videos that will be helpful to others.
Thank you.