Grease Pencil like Gravity Sketch lines (creating fast 3d concept before 3d modeling) - 3d sketching

Grease pencil is awesome.

I’m interested to know better if it is possible to use Grease Pencil to create retopology over it (align new mesh to grease pencil lines). I`m curious also is it possible to freeze grease pencil lines into mesh to export it for example to Marmoset Toolbag or Sketchfab.

How to do stroke placement in 2.8 becouse I can`t find it.

i would like to sketch over 3d to create concept idea how I will mode things (something like Gravity Sketch but without VR).

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I’m hoping once 2.8 gets traction, old addons like the BSurfaces are updated to 2.8, by some kind soul.

maybe it’s still relevant:
Stroke placement in 2.8 is chosen in the top of the 3D_VIEW panel.

I am working on a Add-On kind of like “everybody loves sketch”

I will publish it this week :slight_smile: