Grease pencil issues

When using grease pencil my brush seems to be lagging behind and I have no clue why …
Tried to change different settings and it still laggs behind which is quite annoying and makes it
nearly impossible to draw.

I didn’t have this problem a couple of months ago …

Did this occur to some of you here too?
Did I miss something in the settings?
Or is it just the current version? -.-

(I am using a wacom intuos pro)

The following seems to be a bug:
When the eraser is selected and the user switches to the pencil (draw tool) makes a stroke and then CMD+Z ro undo his stroke he jumps automatically from the pencil tool back to the eraser tool.
–> Very annoying. I consider it a bug at this point.

Just wanted to point it out while I am at it talking about the grease pencil.