Grease Pencil features requests

I’ve been using GP for a while now and these are some things I’d like to see in the future:

  1. Better support for textured strokes as fills

Right now the only options seem to be to either: fill with a single color or use textured strokes and delete everything that spills over the lines, or use an extra layer with a mask.

For me the best result was to use the extra layer with mask:

What I would love would be if blender could recognize the outside and inside of the line strokes and/or
a feature where textured brushes are cut off when they touch the lines. Maybe this could be accomplished by telling the line layer which layer is its fill layer. Like using the fill layer as the line layers child.

Or just a radio button that when ticked cuts off the textured brush on the other side of the line.

  1. Vertex Pen Tool

VERTEX PEN where on can draw by adding points to where one clicks to create customizable lines. Less points means faster and easier animation. Similar to the poliline but with less points and integrated curve manipulation.
This tool is very good for tracing sketches. In moho it is called “Add Point” and in animate it is called “Pen Tool”.

  1. Toon boom auto patch & grease pencil nodes like: Toon Boom Harmony Tutorial #20 - Auto-patch - YouTube

  2. Not being able to use material colors with texture brushes sucks a lot.

  3. Grease pencil objects used like “brush texture”. As another option not just pngs. Paining in the actual GP objects would allow us to paint small animated objects like blooming tree buds.

  4. Smooth out line thickness tool in sculpt. Atm we can only smooth the line but not the thickness we have to do that manually with the

  5. only erase on the selected layer or a radiobutton to toggle between erasing on selected and all.

  6. Ability to change a layers material.

  7. When linking an grease pencil object in another blender file disabling layers is not updated even if outliner library operation reload is used Thickness tool.

  8. Brush Texture variations with occurrence value. This would immensely help mimic pastel, watercolor, paint and more.

  1. You can do that. You just need to indicate a Blend value over 0 in slider below Texture name in material.
  1. You can lock layers you want to preserve. There is an Isolate Layer button next to layer list in GP properties.
  1. You can change any material for any kind of selection in edit mode.
    But yes. Modifiers and Adjustments options are restricted to color and opacity changes.

Hi @BrahRah. It’s mentioned in the header that this website is explicitly not for feature requests.

For feature requests, please use

I hope that’s understandable-- the amount of feature requests is much greater than is possible for developers to respond to properly here. Without that rule, this site would become flooded with feature requests and wouldn’t be able to fulfill its purpose as a place for development discussion.


Oh sorry it used to be I’ll move it there then.

  1. I tried it and choosing a color with the picker doesn’t work. I’m guessing you are talking about colored textures?
  2. Oh wow that is awesome! Didn’t realize that thx!
  3. I tried to figure this out but in GP the material seems to contain the brush strokes.
    So changing the material removes the layers with the strokes. I meant replacing the material like it is done for 3D objects. Rn I have to change a ton of settings to make the lines look different. If I could just switch out the material I could have different looks for the same artwork.

I’ve remade it here: Right-Click Select — Blender Community

You have 2 choices for color.
Using material color. That means that all strokes drawn by brush are colored the same.
Using vertex color. You can attribute a different color to each stroke of a group of strokes using same material.
But any moment, you can change material used by brush.
You can change color of a material and so, change color of all strokes using this material.
You can repaint vertex colors.
You can reassign another material to a material slot.
You can select a stroke and a make it refer to another material slot.
You can animate material.
That is absolutely not different from what you can do with a 3D object. That is working the same.
Only difference is that when GP Vertex Colors exists, it is used. On a mesh, vertex colors are only used if it is enabled in material.

A layer can not be removed and strokes lost because of a material switch. The only explication I see is that you confused Layers list with materials list.

You are absolutely right I’m removing 8 too. No idea what happened… brain fart I guess.

I’ve updated: Right-Click Select — Blender Community
I’ll leave 8 here so people don’t get confused.

Using material color. That means that all strokes drawn by brush are colored the same.
Using vertex color. You can attribute a different color to each stroke of a group of strokes using same material.