Grease Pencil 3 Feedback

The Grease Pencil 3 project aims at eventually replacing the current Grease Pencil. This thread is meant for people give feedback on the current state, report issues, or help document changes.

How to use Grease Pencil 3

Grease Pencil 3 is acessible in the latest alpha builds on Go to the Preferences (make sure Developer Extras is enabled in the Interface), then go to Experimental and tick Grease Pencil 3. Finally, restart Blender.

Here are a some things that are good to know:

  • Don’t use the “2D Animation” template for new files, as old Grease Pencil objects will not be automatically converted to the new Grease Pencil v3 type.
  • You can manually convert from the current Grease Pencil to the new Grease Pencil using the Object > Convert menu/operator.
  • Grease Pencil 3 uses a different render engine, so Grease Pencil 2 objects won’t render if you have the experimental option enabled.

Happy testing!

Reporting issues / changes

If you find an issue, please check the bugs on the workboard first, to see if it is already being tracked. If it is not, you can report it here.

If you find that there is a different behavior between Grease Pencil 3, then it might either be a bug or an intentional change. We’re working on listing all the changes between Grease Pencil 3 and Grease Pencil 2 here. If the changes is not on that list yet, report it here, and we’ll add it.


We’re mostly aiming at feature parity with the current Grease Pencil. Please do not use this thread for feature requests. Thank you!


I just did a quick test on this build (b24610053fbc) and I can only draw in the XZ (Front View) plane, is that by design or drawing in 3D is not yet done?

Yes, the drawing planes haven’t been implemented yet.

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It looks like changing a bottom layer opacity also affects all the stacked layers. I set the bottom layer to %20 the top layer to %100. I see the stroke has like %20 even when I am painting in the top layer.

Thanks. Added a report: #115467: GPv3: Only opacity for the last layer is working (and affects all layers)

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Thanks. What is the rough timeline for the sculpt mode integration?

The drawing feels really nice and snappy. That part of the experience definitely feels much nicer compared to the original GP, the current version feels a bit laggy when used on a Cintiq like device.