Blender 4.3 - Grease Pencil v3 Feedback

The Grease Pencil 3 project aims at eventually replacing the current Grease Pencil. This thread is meant for people give feedback on the current state, report issues, or help document changes.

How to use Grease Pencil 3

Grease Pencil 3 is accessible in the latest Blender 4.3 alpha builds on When opening a file created before Blender 4.3, all the Grease Pencil objects are automatically converted.

Happy testing!

Reporting issues / changes

If you find an issue, please check the bugs on the workboard first, to see if it is already being tracked. If it is not, you can report it here.

If you find that there is a different behavior between Grease Pencil 3, then it might either be a bug or an intentional change. We’re working on listing all the changes between Grease Pencil 3 and Grease Pencil 2 here. If the changes is not on that list yet, report it here, and we’ll add it.


We’re mostly aiming at feature parity with the current Grease Pencil. Please do not use this thread for feature requests. Thank you!


I just did a quick test on this build (b24610053fbc) and I can only draw in the XZ (Front View) plane, is that by design or drawing in 3D is not yet done?

Yes, the drawing planes haven’t been implemented yet.

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It looks like changing a bottom layer opacity also affects all the stacked layers. I set the bottom layer to %20 the top layer to %100. I see the stroke has like %20 even when I am painting in the top layer.

Thanks. Added a report: #115467: GPv3: Only opacity for the last layer is working (and affects all layers)

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Thanks. What is the rough timeline for the sculpt mode integration?

The drawing feels really nice and snappy. That part of the experience definitely feels much nicer compared to the original GP, the current version feels a bit laggy when used on a Cintiq like device.

Status Report

On Friday, the last modifier was merged. This means we reached data parity!

What do I mean by data parity?
When converting a GPv2 object to a GPv3 object, we’re now covering all the Grease Pencil data (fingers crossed). So layers, keyframes, modifiers, layer adjustments, animation data and more. In theory, files that contain GPv2 objects should open and render the same with GPv3 (*). See the steps below on how you can help us test this.

What is expected to (not) work?
GPv3 is not feature complete. There are many things that are still missing. So while we expect GPv3 to look the same in the viewport (*), we don’t expect it to behave the same as GPv2 (yet).
(*) There are some expected differences like the noise modifier not producing the same visual results. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to report differences when you find one.

How can I help testing?

You can help testing by opening files that use Grease Pencil (v2). Make sure to create backups of the files you’d like to try out. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the latest Blender 4.2 alpha build from
  2. Open Blender, then go to Edit > Preferences. In the Interface tab, enable Developer Extras. This will make the Experimental tab show up. In the Experimental tab, enable Grease Pencil 3.0 and Grease Pencil 3.0 Automatic Conversion.
  3. Open a file that uses Grease Pencil (v2). This will now automatically convert all the Grease Pencil objects to the new GPv3 object type. Disclaimer: Don’t save and overwrite the file unless you have a backup!

When you encounter an issue like a crash, the render looking different/odd, or some other error when converting, please report them here. Thank you :pray: !


File: “Oil Girl” by Rocio Montiel

GPv2 (Blender 4.1):

GPv3 (Blender 4.2 Alpha):


Here’s one file where the conversion to GPv3 is different:

Here’s how it looks in GPv2 (Blender 4.1):

And here’s how it looks in GPv3 (Blender 4.2 Alpha):

I think it has something to do with several tint modifiers on the body and hair, they don’t appear to be working correctly after the conversion.


Thanks, would it be possible to share the file (or a simplified version)?

Sorry I just woke up and saw your reply. Here’s the file:


Thanks I was able to narrow down the issue and created a report. You can follow the progress there: #120213: GPv3: Tint modifier fill color not working correctly


That was fast! Thank you :slight_smile:


@JulianPerez A fix for the issue was just committed :slight_smile: Thanks again. Fix #120213: GPv3: Tint modifier not working correctly · 022e46a7e2 - blender - Blender Projects


I just saw it, thanks!
BTW I tried a few other files lastnight to test the conversion and so far everything’s working pretty good :+1:


Grease Pencil 3 landed in Blender 4.3 Alpha

Today, the experimental options for GPv3 have been removed and it’s now the default Grease Pencil in Blender 4.3 Alpha.

Conversion & Compatibility

When you load a file that was created prior to 4.3, all the GPv2 objects will be converted to GPv3. There is no backwards compatibility between GPv3 and GPv2, e.g. opening a file in 4.2 that was saved in 4.3 might not work correctly.

Missing Features

While a majority of features are already working, we will finish feature parity during bcon1 of 4.3 (until August 28th). Here is an overview of some of the things that are missing:

  • Draw Tool Randomization Option
  • Draw Tool Outline Option
  • Dissolve Mode Eraser
  • Interpolation Tool
  • Curve Editing (edit mode)
  • Vertex Paint Mode
  • Python API
  • Import/Export

EDIT: For a complete list, see #123468 - GPv3: Feature Parity - blender - Blender Projects now.


Do you think module can consider dropping Vertex Paint mode and having those brushes in sculpt mode? Like mesh sculpt mode.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about it. We’ll see


As we’re now working towards feature parity, I compiled a list as an overview for what’s still being worked on: #123468: GPv3: Feature Parity.

The list of smaller features is not complete so if you notice something that’s not on there, feel free to let us know!

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first thank you for your amazing job on Blender, the (not so) new UI design makes it a super great app to use.

I’m the Product Designer behind Tayasui Sketches, a popular drawing app on iOS, Android, and Mac. It’s known for being super easy to use and for some great brushes, especially the watercolors.

Wanting to make some research on customizing brushes for a project of a vector app, I used Blender as a testbed for my research, you can see the end result here.

Along the way, I nonetheless encountered some oddities in the Dot / Square Material that prevented me from reach my goals. Here is what I found and some changes that I believe could render possible the creation of amazing brushes in Blender. I also encountered a few bugs that I listed on another page.

I hope this helps you. I have plenty more feedback and input to offer, but I wanted to first focus on these brushes and see if you think my expertise interests you.

Best regards,