Graph Editor: Soft selection pivot point

We tried soft selection mode in graph editor to trasnforms the keys. Right now, it seems like transform from the center of the cruve on the axis but not from the key itself. Is it possible to implement the snapping of the pivot point like 3D view port?

Graph Editor has a pivot point popover.
Currently, there is 3 choices : Bounding Box Center, 2D Cursor, Individual Centers.

So, you can select a keyframe, set cursor position from this selected keyframe and use 2D cursor for transform operations.
I agree that is not as fast as having an active element pivot point.
But it looks like defining an active keyframe is not well-supported, yet.

If you select several keyframes, the one to left is considered active keyframe instead of the last selected.
So recognition of active keyframe has to be fixed, first.

Or are you talking about Shift S menu ?
Currently, it does not handle snapping of 2D Cursor.
And you have to snap selection on Cursor Value or on Current Frame. User can’t do both at same time using this menu.

Thanks for the quick reply. Good to know that it’s going to be improved further.