Graph Editor 2.8 remarks

Left-clicking on a graph vertex now immediately activates translation. Is this intended? And is there no way anymore to only select a vertex with a single click, without having to left-click-drag box select on a single vertex?

Plus, I find the graph editor (and timeline) the hardest part of 2.8 to get used to with respect to the new mouse interaction. Mostly as you can no longer simply left-click and drag to change the time, need to use shift+RMB (context menu now opens with RMB). Together with now having left-click select as default this really screws with my muscle memory :slight_smile:

This is with 422be98c47bb (git of this morning).

Edit: this appears to have changed only in the past week, as RMB was used to set the time and LMB to only select in last week’s build?

I don’t fully understand what you mean. You should be able to click to select graph points.

You don’t need to hold Shift. You can just scrub by using the scrubbing area at the top - no need to hold any modifier keys.

Colleague and I just checked: left-clicking on a point enters translation mode. He tested the latest available build, me with latest manually built git version

Ok, but the scrubbing only works at the top bar, not within the area where the keyframes are set, right? The bar is pretty narrow, can’t imagine using it that much because of that reason, it’s much easier to be able to change time somewhere in the full area.

If you just click, it should select. If you click and drag, it moves the point. If you click and drag outside of a point, it box selects.

That’s the default way it works, yes. This allows users to scrub using the left mouse button, which was an important issue. We may add a keymap preference to also be able to scrub with the right mouse button. But, by default in Blender we now use the right mouse button for context menus.

Well, then we see a difference in left-click behaviour between graph editor and 3D view: in the graph editor there’s no way to just select, you just can’t make the click action short enough. Left-click drag to box select indeed works. In 3D view left-clicking to select (still) works, including drag.

Right, I understand the rationale of making things consistent. I was just commenting on how it forced me to concentrate on the mouse actions in this specific editor

By the way, the mouse hints at the bottom of the graph editor (the ones with the little mouse icons) are showing left-click to be either “Set Keyframes” or “Set Cursor”, depending on wether the mouse comes into the editor from the channels area on the left, or from somewhere else, respectively.

Edit: I can add a screengrab clip of what I mean, but don’t know the best way to make it on Linux?

Yes, I can reproduce that - it doesn’t update correctly when the cursor exits the scrubbing region.