GPU usage disability

Today I have made a rendering differences between cinema 4d’s render speed and blender’s.
The results were quite different.

Here are the following results:

These are renders of a simple cube, no subdivisions, rendered with no background, and in blender I had to use the sun light to make the cube visible and the render was made in eevee, while cinema 4d doesn’t require any lights in the first place.
The rendering time is an almost 4 seconds gap, which is very different. The reason for this is because cinema 4d automatically uses the gpu of the pc to render the scene. My gpu has GCN 1.0 and OpenCl 1.2 and cinema 4d doesn’t have a problem with it, so it uses it to render the scenes I make in no time. While blender needs a gpu with opencl 2.0 in order for the user to use its gpu to render the scene faster.

Everytime I look at it, I always wish for a blender render requirements update where blender allows gpu’s with lower version of opencl, so that I, along with other people with a similar problem, would be able to render the scenes with the help of the gpu and not cpu to save time and work better.