glTF exporter error, may be because I do my own build on linux?

Hi there.

I’m trying to export a simple scene and I’m getting this error, I’m compiling master branch with all the libraries, no errors at build time.


Ok, I downloaded the daily build from the website, and it seems it’s due to my build.

In theory I have everything needed, do I have to download an specific Numpy version in linux?


I have the same issue here.
Any suggestions @mont29 or @sergey ?

There should not be any specific version of numpy required, any decently recent one should work (we expect 1.8 minimum).

This is likely a CMake setting issue, check your values for:

  1. WITH_PYTHON_INSTALL/WITH_PYTHON_INSTALL_NUMPY: both should be either enabled or disabled (if you are unsure, enable both).
  2. PYTHON_NUMPY_PATH/PYTHON_NUMPY_INCLUDE_DIRS should be set and valid if you enabled settings in point 1.

If you disabled python install, then Blender will you your system python installation, check that you installed the numpy package for it then…

I think this was the same problem as:

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Yes it was, this thread is pretty old, that should be working with today’s build :slight_smile: