GLSL PBR node works in game engine but not standalone. +( backports from upbge)

Is there anyway we could have the PBR node working in standalone mode in the GE before 2.79B? or C?

also Tristan made a very very useful node for bge (game object color node) - it is remarkably useful to drive nodal GLSL shader effects -

( mind the audio it’s a bit loud - still adjusting)

any way we could add this back to vanilla bge GLSL nodes?


upbge - reinstancePhysicsMesh() 3rd argument (unique physics mesh?) - it’s essential to make worlds made of grids of libloaded objects, as the physicsMesh() is still a duplicate on a libNew mesh.

suspendPhysics() by youle? (super handy!!)
from 56 ms phyiscs to .5 or so from using it in physics LOD

(static mesh batching? instancing?)

if bge guts are to be left behind in the transition, could 2.79b or .c be a amnesty release?
(Tristan really added a number of useful things)

There will be no new features in a/b/c releases, they are for bug fixes only. New features are going to 2.80.

Also note that this forum is not the place for feature requests and brainstorming about things you would like to see in Blender, websites like Right Click Select exist for that purpose.

The pbr node is already in and working - just not in standalone :smiley:

and a game engine that takes no considerations for its users (or powerusers for that matter)

is like a chicken without a head no?

whom is the module owner of bge?

Of course we should take users into consideration, but this forum is for development discussions, there are other channels for feature requests.

As you know there are some developers that have worked on BGE improvements outside of the Blender project. But as far as I know there is no active module owner for the BGE within the Blender project.