[GLASS SHADER DISPERSION] Cycles glass shader should have dispersion built-in


Here I bring 2 examples for other renders engines (octane and luxcore).
Both render engines have a slider for dispersion in the glass shader.
This is the standard for ALL other render engines in the market (like v-ray, corona renderer, Pixar Renderman, and so on).

There is no reason to don’t have this built-in the glass shader since it is a pain to always have to “hack” things mixing glass shaders and playing manually with 2 or 3 different IOR sliders just to get a result that every other render engine gives with just a simple click.

This is the kind of small “paper cut” that makes people think that blender is the “cheaper software” that becomes expensive thought time. We ALWAYS have this small problem that every other render engine just doesn’t have. This cost TIME, and in the end time is money. No more hack stuff for dispersion pls!

Lets make Blender better and let’s add a dispersion slider on the glass shader.


Dispersion in an RGB-based render engine will always be a hack, it might be better to wait until Smilebags and Penbem complete their work on converting Cycles to spectral rendering.

Just a thought, have you tried using the white noise node plugged into a color-ramp and into the IOR input, it is surprisingly powerful due to its ability to generate random values?

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