Give it a thumbs up if you agree that these amendments to the Geo Nodes design are a necessity

  1. all attributes to be available and shown in the spreadsheet

  2. a generic ‘get attribute’ field node which lists attributes available on a dropdown. Exactly the same as how current attribute field nodes work, but not restricted to what the designers deem necessary…

  3. a create attribute geometry node, so for example we could make a copy of attributes on certain frames to use as a ‘rest state’. Necessary for making things stick to deforming geometry, but also this allows to store data as attributes at one part of the tree, and then access them at a later point in the current tree (or even a different tree), without having to have wires running the length of the tree, or even worse in and out of group inputs/output sockets (if you don’t want to)

  4. Finally a generic modify/set attribute geometry node to make amendments to existing attributes (such as normals, uv’s etc) This should also have dropdown of available attributes. At the moment we’re limited by the specific ‘set attribute nodes’ which the designers have deemed necessary, so we can’t do things like copy normals from one part of the tree to another.

Fields is a great design, but there’s no need for it to be so forceful in what it allows access to, or how the data is passed around. Just three nodes, and all attributes made visible in the spreadsheet, and everyone has the choice to work in the way that best suits them.



How else could we access custom attributes on external data like USD and ABCs?