Gitea 1.21 update

The website has been upgraded from a 1.20 development version to the stable 1.21 release.

Most relevant improvements from Gitea:

And some changes in the Blender fork:

  • Project boards now hide closed issues and issue details by default. These can be shown again with Show Closed and Show Details buttons.
  • Fix logins not being remembered after closing browser.
  • Fix missing syntax highlight for GLSL and Objective C++ files.
  • For admins, button on user profile page to help deleting spammers more quickly.
  • Fix LFS files missing in pull requests.

Other features that may be useful:

8 Likes no longer shows any issues. It’s blank now. Before it showed recent issues.

Please double check, it shows the issues here.

shows them fine.

I guess this changed then. As you can see on the left side it says “In your repositories”. Since you’re not a member of blender/blender, you don’t see any issues there.

That’s sad. It was my go to homepage on I can replace it with the link to the issues for Blender specifically, but previously it condensed issues from other projects too, like Cycles. So they’re no longer visible at once place.

Im assuming you dont want this

I am also receiving notifications for every single update, for any issues, not only those I am watching or subscribed to:

This may well be a Gitea bug, we’ll look at it.

We don’t, but making things look nice on mobile is not a priority for the Blender project I think. If Gitea improves it, fine, otherwise probably won’t spend time on this.

This is because you are watching the Blender repository. You can unwatch.

  • Much improved search, which should fix issues not being found.

Search still does not seem to do a whole lot, searching the open issues for ‘eevee’ for example returns only 3 results.

Yes, there seems to be an issue with the indexing, will be looked at.

Reported as a bug here: User Issues page no longer shows issues in all repositories · Issue #28268 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub

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I also just noticed the visual downgrade on mobile compared to the previous version.

I tried several other Gitea based sites and it looks like this is the way it is. Let’s hope they fix it.

It seems issue search is still struggling.

Sometimes it gives me 504 gateway time-out.

When it works, it seems to take only the first keyword, ignoring others.

Also the result sometimes put a recently closed issue among open issues.

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The “only uses first keyword” bug might actually be ok now. It was fixed by brecht yesterday upstream and I think our gitea instance now has it as well: Meilisearch: require all query terms to be matched by brechtvl · Pull Request #28293 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub

I tested using “eevee” then “eevee vdb” then “eevee vdb crash” and I think it did what it was supposed too in each case.

I did see a 504 timeout for my very first query, but none since.

Yes, the search index should now be complete and all terms are now properly taken into account. It can still be rather slow when search returns thousands of results, though that’s probably not so simple to fix. So far I also have not gotten a timeout after the latest changes either.

We also fixed issues with SVN commit access. If that still fails, you may need to regenerate the token following:

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