GeoNodes - Array Node

So i have been playing with the GeoNodes for a bit and quiet like them. But i do miss one thing which is an Array Node. It should work just like the Array Modifier only here, the Input is Geometry.

Maybe i just missed it but i dont really see how you can currently achive something like an Array…

if someone has the answer, pls help D:

Otherwise, i would ask if such a node is planned. And if not, why );

An array node is planned.
Here is a list of what modifiers are going to be added as nodes.

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Uhhh…I can see the Stacks of Money people will make with this tool already…

Do you know any current work around ? I have seen people do it but i have no idea how. One dude made a Building Generator which is what i am working on but on his, the WIndows behaived like they used an Array… I looked at all the Nodes but for the love of it i cant see a way…

Thanks !

I believe you need to go from GeoNodes modifier to array modifier and back to GeoNodes Modifier. You should ask for help at people there will know more than me.

For the array modifier, it’s behavior have to be changed to allow more functionality, worst thing to do is copy it 1:1 and end up having to use 3 array nodes for a simple “cube of cubes”, or adding an empty or other shenanigans for a radial array.

And while you are at it, add a “seed” value for randomized transforms.

Thanks in advance.

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That sentence doesn’t mean that new nodes will function exactly like their modifier equivalents, it means that existing modifiers will not change their behavior for the foreseeable future, for backwards compatibility. Actually, in many cases the nodes might function quite differently!

But anyway, that’s a work in progress document, I didn’t mean for it to be interpreted like this.


My bad, maybe rewording it to something like this might help clear the misunderstanding for other peoples who would check it later on:

  • The behavior of existing modifiers will not change. (Their node counterpart may or may not function similarly).
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