Geometry Nodes - Node labeling and searching Feedback - "Get/Set" labeling for consistent UX

Node labeling and searching Feedback:

There are “Set” Nodes like Set Position but for a clear workflow and search of attribute field searching, the nodes that get the same data should say “Get”. But they don’t. So it’s hard to search and find these nodes when you want to get data. It also confuses the workflow quite a bit.

Can we make sure the titles of these nodes and their menu entries are “Get” nodes like Get Position to know they pair together in the field flow?

Reason to add labels

  • If anyones says “Get X” then we know they have an equivalent “Set X” node, and viceversa. Meaning… you have to get data, modify it then set it. Right now you can’t tell what you need to get first before you set. To be able to search and find equivalent Get and Set nodes easily would be handy.
  • It would be consistent with the “Set” field labeling if we also included “Get”.


  • Add “Get” to all get fields nodes labels and entries in the Add Menu to search with the word “Get” or find equivalent field flow when we set fields.


For some reason I forgot that I did a RightClickSelect-request a few weeks ago. It is the same idea as yours.