Generation of 2D drawing from 3D model projection

Hello everyone.
Is there any addon/tool/process/whatever to generate 2D drawing (mesh, curve) from 3D model projection?
I mean let’s take any detail or a mechanism or a building and make model of it. And then we need to have some technical drawings - orthogonal projections (in wireframe mode with and without x-ray option) and sections.
It would be great to have an ability to generate them right from the model. And it would be even better to make them dynamically linked to the model. So, as a result, a user would have a model and some linked 2D drawings. Then the user could export that final drawings into any CAD software and print them.

So, is there anything of that kind? :slight_smile: If not, is it possible to create such addon?

Hi there,

I think this is what you’re looking for:

BlenderBim Addon


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