Game artist feature requests

whats need

  1. Antialising and baking without crushing of Blender if using big resolutions and to much polygons, like XNormal.

  2. Texture painting mode must have support layers (with masks support) and brushes like GIMP (or Krita) and result must be baking.

  3. Retopo mode with the process of creating retopology like in “Instant Meshes” or “Sketch-retopo”.

  4. Sculpt mode must have 3d cursor (Pivot Center), like in Edit/Object mode, for Scale, Rotate, Move manipulations. Rotate-brush must be Rotate-brush, not Screw or Spiral brush, ye
    this Rotate-brush need Pivot point (3d cursor) for working.

  5. Fast Navigate options in Object mode like in Sculpt mode for fast working with millions polygons.

  6. New Array modifier without deforming with using curve.

  7. Cycles very slow bake textures… Need to change something or create a special mode for baking

  8. Bake particles (hair, fur) in Normal map and other maps.

Blender is actually made by software engineers (programmer) according to CG artists.

Your post seems quite agressive and that is not cool here. All those very BAD, very SLOW, faster 10000 times and triple questions marks ending with cheeky “right?”… It kind of makes it look like Trump’s tweets.

I don’t intend to imply that you can’t be unhappy about something in Blender but please choose a better way of writing about it because this doesn’t come across as friendly at all and honestly if I was a developer your attitude would discourage me.


Of course you are right. But… this is not a review or comment for the public. This is the message. Developers should not spend their strength on the little-fledged things (multiple re-creation of icons, shuffling tools, changing hot keys, etc.). They need to pay attention to the most used things in the life of the CGartist.
I started learning blender in 2012. Now it’s almost 2019, but the blender cannot do standard things well as other 3D packages in 2010, and even much earlier. And I’m not talking about paid things.
It pains me to see how changing the blender, “evolve”, but the really necessary things do not appear… but we have a new interface… cool…


Surely you know that the developers who contribute to Blender are all uniquely-different people, each with different training, experience, strengths, and interests. So if the person working on the icons, or anything else that you consider unneccessary, stopped doing that then they wouldn’t suddenly be working on the cycles renderer. Or do you think that everyone working on Blender are interchangeable somehow?

Yes, this open source project just needs to focus on what you do the most.

Then I suppose it is time for you to start contributing toward those things that you consider most important. What skills do you have that can make Blender better?


things i consider most important - in first message. Skill - find weaknesses and shortcomings, but within reason.
I want to note that I do not require something really new. I do not ask to add things that are in the paid programs. The blender already has everything. I just want the developers to improve what already exists in the blender. What was has been neglected in a very long time.
I want you to understand - I really like blender. And most importantly - the blender is self-sufficient, it can do everything that is needed. But some things he does at a very low level. But these things are VERY important.
Unfortunately, while these things not will be given proper attention, I (and many other people) have to use other programs. But it significantly increases costs time and just uncomfortable. Much to the happiness, some of these programs are free :)))