Function to automatically / manually update Blender

There should be an Update function, maybe under Help, called “Check for Updates” and if Updates are available, Blender asks the user if he wants to update or not.

For users like me, who ALWAYS keep Blender updated, maybe even add an option in the user preferences to automatically check for updates and install them on startup and options for advanced users like “Reset user preferences”, “Clear Bookmarks and Recent Files” and “Change installation path” etc.

I personally don’t mind visiting “” every day, download zip files and overwrite the old files to keep Blender 2.8 up to date, but from my perspective such an update function would increase the user friendliness Blender 2.8 is aiming for.


As a general rule, this is not a desirable feature in a production environment and sysadmins will chase you with a stick for even suggesting it.

However, I have also felt your pain and being the proverbial lazy programmer, wrote a few lines of code to relieve it:
downloader for Blender 2.80 daily builds

I don’t have a Windows box to test on, so it is Linux only.

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I know that not everybody want it. I didn’t say that Blender has to follow the path of Microsoft and force updates. Just manually check on updates, ask the user if he wants to update. In user preferences an option to enable auto updates (disabled by default).