Focus on mouse hover

Everytime I try to do something in blender, the focus never changes, which won’t allow me to rotate around certain object. the only way I found that it can be changed is by moving (not rotating) the focus on a object and make sure it focuses on the object. In cinema 4d the focus can always change if the cross on the center will be hovered over an object, or by zooming with the mouse towards an object.

If this is possible in blender aswell then I’m sorry for troubling you, but if not, then please make that a feature.

Try experimenting with the settings in Edit->Preferences->Navigation

Specifically some combination of Auto Depth, Orbit Around Selection, and Zoom To Mouse Position can probably do what you’re after.

Mhm, I’ll try that method.

Nope, doesn’t change focus at all. Its still focused on one point rather than being focused on the zoomed object.
The zoom to cursor option works ok, but it doesn’t update the focus.

You are talking about the cursor mode type of navigation, right? I don’t think blender has that.

I really hope its gonna be

Me too. That’s next level of navigation. :smile:

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. :frowning:

Ok, just to get this clear, the focus DID changed when I zoomed towards the objects, but its quite buggy, cause it doesn’t work all the time. So this might be a bug

Center View to Mouse (Alt-MMB-click), Auto Depth option?
(Not quite clear what you want.)

Basically, the “navigation pivot” is set where you click…

If anyone knows how to achieve this in Blender please let me know…

I believe the Auto Depth option does just that

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Okay, I’ll try… Thanks.

Yeah, it works…

Auto Depth and Zoom to Mouse Position should be enabled by default, imo… That’s pretty much the standard way of navigation these days…