Flymode woes

The new 2.8 fly mode sux. I need camera controls not a game camera mechanic. I’d request an option to use the 2.79 flymode for good measure.

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What do you see as different from 2.79 to 2.8?

For me it behaves the same way, or at least is what I think, I may be wrong.


Everything is smoothed out and slow to respond. Moving around affects acceleration, rather than directly affecting location. It might be useful if you wanted to use it to record camera movement with.

To try and put it simply, just with rotation alone, now the mouse guides the camera’s rotation. Whereas before, the mouse directly controlled the cameras location. Compare it between using a mouse to emulate a thumbstick to aim in an FPS, versus just using the mouse to aim.

It’s truly awful, as someone who used fly navigation as a primary means of navigation in 2.79 in any minorly complex scene, this new fly mode is useless. I can’t find any settings that put it back either. (kinda bummed that the shortcut was removed too, but there’s options to fix that)

It was great for positioning cameras, moving around cluttered scenes or getting inside, for instance, machinery.

I think that the problem is that you want the walk mode, no fly mode. Walk navigation is a fps movement without gravity until you activate this

when did that naming happen…

I haven’t had to check the names in forever because the keybind was just shift+f, swear it used to be called fly. Either way they should consider renaming that to cinematic navigation / smooth navigation or something, and change ‘walk’ navigation to fly or fly/walk navigation.

Knowing that the mode you fly around in is called walk mode helped me find the new keybind too.

Maybe the name must be

FPS view, or player view

Plane view, because fly mode is in reality the plane movement

Alright. Space “Walk”. That works. Thx.

That means i’d need another key short to enable gravity for simulation(, if i would use that). They could add another option, to differenciate it. It’s really just a free cam, rather then anything that should be labeled like a game mechanic.

(Now to figure out how to work stable, not crash every ten minutes. o_O)