Fly Navigation is awesome BUT!

I really appreciate the Fly Navigation. I want to start using Blender with my Wacom tablet so it’s really useful to be able to move your cursor off center and back to turn the view. I actually mapped Fly Navigation to the Right Click so now I can almost use it to navigate like a FPS. The walk navigation is cool but not that comfortable to use with the stylus and I prefer the smoothness of the Fly Navigation.

I think either of these navigation modes are incredibly useful for working on interiors.

However there’s a couple of options that should be added to make it totally useful.

  1. Ability to move in diagonal directions. Right now holding down W for forward and D for right doesn’t allow the user to move diagonally forward and right.
  2. Ability to choose starting speed. Right now movement starts at a slow speed and it takes a while to hold down the button to speed up. Ability to specify a range of speed would be cool.
  3. Ability to press and release to move in a given direction. Right now we press and release a button to start moving and press the opposite direction to stop moving. It’s a bit unintuitive.
  4. Option to confirm with release. Right now we have to press left click or spacebar to confirm our movement. If I let go of Right Click it returns the view to where it started.

I’d like to have the options to use the Fly Navigation mode just by holding down my right click and moving around.

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