Floating and active tool panels

Info in the "floating tool"panel is not reflected in the active tool and workplace tab eg if I set “amount type” and “profile” in the floating panel it is not reflected in the “active panel” and vise - versa. If this is how it is supposed to be what is the point of the active tool panel? Also should it not be possible for the "floating panel to be active as soon as you click the tool button or shortcut before you actually use the tool ((bevel is a good example)so you can set segments etc prior).
Regards to all

Use the tool settings to set the parameters prior the action.

That floating panel is to make adjustments after you executed the action. Very confusing and non-intuitive, I know, and this is something that only exists in blender.
But there’s a task that will minimize this issue by making all the settings appear in the same area, but unfortunately no dev is working on it.


Many Thanks for the clarification, your right it is confusing but once explained is ok.
Personally I think this should be the sort of thing that should be highlighted more with regard to the new tool bar changes from the powers that be. Not being an “expert” blender user this can be frustrating.
I do appreciate the excellent graphics that you posted to explain though. I do like this version of blender I have to say.
One curious thing , you can only have max of 8 segments on the tools panel but can manually put in more!!