Flipped normals

With 2.8 I can’t see clearly if the faces normals are flipped or not, only by turning on “face orientation” you can see it, and to be honest I was breaking my head few times already with baking normals and such until I thought to check the normals…

In 2.7+ the darker faces on the mesh was an immediate way to see if the normals are facing the wrong way…

A bit annoying…


I agree, please put back darker faces with flipped normals.


“face orientation” is actually good, it only needs customization for colour and opacity…but i agree those saturated red/blue gives you a headache.


Face orientation should be almost always visible. Normals have impact on everything from tools and operators, trough modifiers to sharers and render. I like to help people over the internet and one of most common source of problems are flipped normals.
There could be an option to turn off visible difference not other way around.

IMO There are 3 major problem in regard of face normal visibility in current 2.80:

  1. In solid mode frontface shading looks undistinguishable from backface.
    I don’t know if this behavior is intended or not, but It will for sure will cause problems.

  2. Face Orientation overlay looks like it is mean for only checking model at some point and not to work with it enabled. Color values and high opacity of 0.7 are hardcoded in glsl shader and cannot be changed.
    IMO it should be configurable/themable or at least set to values that allow working with that constantly on.

  3. EEVEE (and because of that also Lookdev) have only backface culling per material and there is no global setting for that, so if i want to work in Lookdev/eevee with backface off (cause sometimes they interrupt workflow) i have to write script that run through all materials and turn that checkbox.
    IMO there should be also global option for backface culling in lookdev shading popover as before.

BTW is it still a case that backface culling speedup viewport?


As Pablo said on today’s stream im raising up thread to attract attention to this problem.
We need backface shading behaves like in 2.79.
Constantly cheeking mesh with “face orientation” is a nightmare.
Current solution is a kludge.
who is not indifferent pls support with likes. We need to that is a big problem to the devs
P.S. imho thread should be renamed


In blender you get flipped normals quite a lot when using boolean and rotating objects, this should be like it was in 2.7+, so bump.