Fixing edge creasing workflow 👌

Hi everyone,

I ve been working with edge creasing in VFX production for years and it’s now part of my modelling workflow. I’ve used it in Maya and Modo, now that I moved to Blender I found some inconsistency in the workflow.

One of the main problems is about the way creases are applied.

Right now a new value is added to an existing one…I think it should replace the old value instead like it’s done also in all the other softwares. For example if I apply a value of 0.3 to a group of edges next time I apply a value of 0.2 to the same edges that should replace the 0.3 vale instead of adding it to the existing value 0.2+0.3=0.5…

Is there any way to change this? it’s almost impossible to work with creases at the moment.