[First Post] Idea for optimizing Mantaflow’s UI

Hey everyone, it’s my first time here. Just made an account to run this idea past you all. On YouTube there is a great video resource that toggles through the many settings of Mantaflow (2.8x’s new smoke/fluid simulator) creating a handy guide to the resulting simulation outputs. Out of the dozens of simulations, it struck me that about five or six are truly optimum variations, with the others being less ideal for various reasons. I thought—having a menu of maybe about ten default presets (with images?) would help optimize workflow for a lot of users. Just a thought. I really wish I knew how to code. Imagine being able to choose between presets like Thin, Thick, Plume 1/2/3, Campfire, Small/Medium/Large Explosion, etc. then maybe with a resolution option condensed to Low/Medium/High/Ultra. Of course, the current in-depth tweaking options would still be available. Thoughts?