Files Context Menu too limited

There should be a way to incorporate Windows file context menu into the blender file-select context menu?

For example, when I use 3dsMax, I am able to right-click on a file use use something like “Open With” to launch my installation of GIMP to graphically edit and refine an image. Whereas with blender I need to copy the location, and then open up file manager, search for the file (perhaps a folder with many files), and then OpenWith.

when using a more File-Explorer-like interface, I can also highlight/find the file in a large folder by replacing the last letter the ‘*’ end hit enter to narrow/filter the file list. Again a great convenience that I don’t have with blender File View. Filter is okay, but violates lot’s of Windows conventions. in windows I can click on an item and then enter ‘v’ to jump to files beginning with ‘v’.

I’m ok with problems like not move in the file list with letters. But other things like “open with” is something that 3dsmax give you because 3dsmax use windows API to create that windows.