File browser should remember settings and scroll position of a previous directory level (parent directory)

The new file browser is getting there and is great, but one thing that I would like to be improved is that the file browser should remember at least the filter settings and scroll position of the previous directory level (parent directory).

Two cases I have had issues with this:

  1. Browsing through lots of fonts, each in own sub-directory. When ever I go back to parent directory from each font directory the scroll jumps all the way back up. I have to scroll down each time. This is tad infuriating in a long run.

  2. Browsing through lots of textures, they all have someone logical folder names (rock, wood, plastic) etc. So the filter is handy here, but every time I go back from individual texture folder to the previous main texture folder, the filter has been reset. So I will have to type the filter text again, and again…

So my suggestion is, that the file browser should remember the settings and the scroll position of the previous folder (one directory up).


Hi Mikko, yes I agree with both, just think both things should be tackled slightly different.

  1. Every scrollpos in the folder hierarchy would have to get saved. The problem could also arise two folders above. While going back to the parent folder, the filebrowser should reselect the childfolder and ensure it’s visible in the scrollrect. That’s not exactly the same as storing the scrollposition, but similar enough and easier to maintain, as the parent folders content could have also changed in the meantime.

  2. Concerning the second proposal, I think it should be part of the restored values if “Previous Folder” is triggered, not “Move to parent folder”. It belongs rather to that functionality.


Thank you for more technical approach to these issues. I was just typing this as a “stupid end user” :smiley:

Nah, these were just some morning coffee thoughts of mine while reading your post and I found them worth posting.