Feedback from new user

English is not my first language, so sorry if i look dumb. im assisted by deepl translator.

I’m a 3D hobbyist since years. now i’m trying to go game dev.
What i think about 3Dsotware in general : they have all very big flaws.
Not to mention prices, they are either too heavy, too complex, too unintuitive, too poor, or simply bad. What i want is something easy, light, and powerful. I heard about Blender.
I always try my new software blindly, to test its interface. This gives me an idea of the quality of the product.
When I first tried Blender 2.79, I first thought that I had failed the installation, and that it was broken.
Despite the number of buttons and menus, it is impossible to navigate, impossible to select, impossible to edit a vertex on this cube. Am I that stupid? I’ve been using 3Ds max since I was 15, something’s wrong here.
I open manual, I open tutorials, and I discover that the workflow with Blender is mainly shortcuts. mainly many shortcuts. noooooooooo!!! why so much hate !?
So I understand that developers impose a right click to select, and a left click to… what is this thing? Can I hide it? NO. I’m beginning to think that Blender developers are taking bribes from the industry to sabotage the software.
Then I read the wisdom of some of Blender’s “gurus”:
-“Right-click to avoid making a wrong click with the translation tool”.
Hmm, okay, but have you seen all the inconvenience this brings? pay attention to your selection and there you go… or just separate the selection and translation tool… The left click is not even a context menu. It’s just moving something boring always to the middle of the screen.
Do you realize this? The selection button, the thing you use dozens of times a minute, is replaced by something much less used, and unknown to new users.
You are given a car, the steering wheel rotation is used to adjust the mirrors.
You turn the wheels with the buttons attached.
The seller explains that “you will have less movement to do.”
But hey, you can’t complain, it’s a free car…
-“shortcuts speed up the workflow, you have to learn them”
Okay, but I don’t have 10 years of blender experience behind me, I just want to create a little model to test the possibilities, … and ■■■■ it! I don’t like shortcuts! I like well-designed interfaces!
Impossible to go any further, the interface is a nightmare. the dozens of buttons and menu displayed are not very useful. the useful functions are to be memorized on the keyboard.
It’s now official: blender 2.7 is unusable. and the devs seem stubborn. Too bad, it looks powerful and light.
It’s also a pity for blender himself: free software relies only on the support of the community. If blender doesn’t adapt to simple humans, he will die.
I go back to 3ds max, frustrated, with this image in mind.

GIF blender (i made this)

At the end of 2018, I read somewhere that blender is trying a new interface.
I am in the process of developing my game, and I am looking for a legal way to model my assets. I’ll try again.
I download and launch Blender 2.8 beta.
I can select the cube WITHOUT THINKING!!! and the right click… OH, MY GOD, A CONTEXTUAL MENU.
this annoying 3Dcursor is still there. Can I hide it?.. YEAH, OH MY GOD, EVERYTHING LOOKS SO NORMAL IN THIS 3D VIEW!!!
and this minimalist, dark look is just sublime.
I can FINALLY test roughly blender without reading tutorial pages.
Sure, i look like an injured person who is learning to walk again, but it’s better than swimming in sand, or climbing a wall with his fingernails.
I test the menus and tools, some are ok, some are weird.
One of the first things that strikes me is the naming. The names of the blender functions are sometimes non-standard, as if to want to make a difference.
The first example is the “revert” of the files menu. The tooltip indicates that it is the “reload” function.
Okay. But why not just name it “reload”? This kind of strangeness makes me relive flashbacks from 2.79.
Shortcuts: I made the effort to learn about ten main shortcuts. it’s true that it’s good, especially the transformations. But I’ll never learn ALL the shortcuts, or even half of them. I’m not autistic, the doctors told me so. In addition they change according to the versions. I always use the mouse to the maximum, I prefer 2 quick clicks in the menus rather than remembering, moving both my hands, and looking for the keys. In any case, almost all tools require additional manipulation with the mouse.

I discover the link system. it’s scary at first but in fact it’s okay, it’s easy and useful. but there are some flaws: The garbage collector: it’s very strange to let blender decide what we want to keep or not. Even stranger that the save function is associated with automatic data destruction. The user only has control of a strange icon, an associated number, and a “fake user”. it’s ugly, weird, and it doesn’t seem very useful. I see better a complete data management only in “Outliner”, and without GC.
The option panels are inconsistent. Sometimes a little there, sometimes a little there…
The panels of the properties also seem to be inconsistent. some are always open, others only with a selected object, or remain present even after a deselection. the trick of the “last selected” often plays a role depending on the context, it is not always easy to understand.
Some tools are too complex and not very intuitive, others are too poor, others are absent.
The “skin modifier” too often give bad results, the fast randomization of a mesh is not very configurable, the proportional edition could have a customized curve, with an addition of parameters (curve+random+connected…) the video game part seems too much, and not very optimized.
A use of procedural texture-oriented nodes would be nice, with dedicated 2D rendering (like 3DSmax with materials). maybe i didn’t see it.

I have only played with the modeling part, and a little material nodes, but overall I am very happy.
I can finally model on a simple and powerful 3D software. my old laptop is also happy not to have to start the big ass of 3ds max anymore.
This is a big step forward towards the user, congratulations to the developers.
I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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It’s good to have the perspective of a new user, and it’s awesome that 2.8 made it more usable for you!

I would suggest giving some of Blender’s oddities a second chance though. For example, the 3D cursor seems weird and pointless at first, but it’s actually a pretty neat way of doing things like more precise transformations, to temporarily mark a position, and it’s useful as a way to place new objects too.

I’d also question your idea that blender will die if it doesn’t significantly change, and the notion that blender 2.79 is unusable. The blender community is strong and growing, and at this point that growth is people using 2.79.


Don’t forget that Blender is a tool some of us use to make a living. In that scenario one may use it 8 hours a day so learning all the relevant shortcuts is a matter of a few months and you don’t have to be a genius to do that - really not such a big deal when you spend so much time in front of it. Then it makes a huge difference in productivity. In previous versions as well. It is nice that now with 2.80 one has more choice and freedom to work the way they want, but shortcuts are needed and appreciated by many and it is indeed possible to learn and use most if not all of them.


I only see that you didnt like the mouse controls, because rest of things are similar in max…

Cursor are not optional in blender, you need it to add an object to the scene. To use custom pivots,… if you want to work in games, you will use shortcuts, believe me.


it was unusable to me, sure, not for everyone.
But now all big 3D softwares gives free versions, i have Houdini 3D too, but for now i just need i light and free modeling tools for my low poly assets. When a “standard industry” user test Blender 2.7 for the first time, its really feels like the less intuitive thing on earth. At least the first time with Houdini i could select things and use the UI.
The Blender community may have been growing, but I feel that now with the new version, Blender will enter a new exponential curve. Guys like me are many.

mmmm …:thinking:
if you know the fake user of blender…
… there’s a good chance you’re not a newbie at all …
but someone who is trolling us to the great hehehe


Trying to sum up your post:

  • 2.7x and earlier was unusable, too steep a learning curve
  • 2.8 is useable, but you still have these issues
    • Fake User system is poor (agreed it’s terrible - hopefully we can revise/scrap this when the Asset Manager is added)
    • Skin modifier has some problems (I think this is known, yes)
    • Not sure what you mean about ‘video game part’. Blender no longer has a built-in game engine
    • You would like more/better procedural textures (this fits with tentative development plans)

I think your requests/comments are generally in line with tentative future plans.


yeah i mean the game engine. i didn’t know it has been removed, i commented this part only by seeing videos about the precedent version. Im happy to know the future plans fit my personal vision.

This whole post kinda tilts me a lot. But nice that you found 2.8 to be usable.