Feedback from a user

Applaud the Blender team for creating a fully functional and capable 3D modelling application.

I’ve always resisted giving this feedback for years. However I’m finally going to go ahead and say it.

In terms of functionality Blender might very well be one of the most amazing 3D modeling applications available.

In terms of usability however Blender is perhaps the single most infuriating application I have ever used. It truly takes special skill to create an application that can regularly send a user into a blinding rage. As a matter of fact when teaching usability concepts to junior developers Blender often serves as the reference model of everything that could possibly be done wrong.

Sadly this is the one thing that stands in the way of Blender being what it truly could be. As a matter of fact short of going back to the days of green screens I cannot find a better example of usability done wrong.

Unfortunately this means that I end up paying ridiculous licensing fees and use 3DS MAX purely because of the efficiency gains. As an added benefit I also get to keep my sanity and preserve my health. I might be wrong but apparently banging ones head against the wall in frustration can have a long term negative impact on a persons health.

I would love to give specific feedback on this topic. But unfortunately I would not even know where to start. Plus dedicating the next 5 years of my life to documenting the details is a bit too much of a commitment :cry:

And now with version 2.80 the blender team has truly outdone yourselves.
Well done folks :slight_smile:

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