Feed back about active tool "select box tool" and other selection ways

“select” is most basic and important future about every-3d workflow. And I understand why blender 2.8 add new active tools, with good icons. but I hope, it is not only about design, It need to be effective when user use as main tool.

Current designe is cool enough, but I think there are some intractable ways about selection with Active tool.

1 ,border selection can “Add, subtract, Difference, intersetct” as new options.it is really useful.
but why those button are not located in 3d view window header, but fix on the left side second menu? :thinking:

we often change window . eg, I set 3d view window right side pane, then try to work in edit mode with border selection tool. but these otpion buttons are top left corner. (I actually lost once, where they have gone,)
It may better at least near by work space which we use selection tool.

2 it only work when we use “Active tool” as Box selection.
but it not work when I use short-cut (B) to Border selection. to exchange Circle selection(C)

  1. when user set Active tool as border selection, we can still use Circle selection. from short-cut (C)
    but we can not use rasso selection. anymore.

And I think, it is not so reasonable, Only border selection tool separated as active tool, as if it is main selection tool of blender 2.8.
if we need border selection tool as Active tool with icon. There should be “circle selection tool” and "rasso selection (free selection) tool) as Active tool with icon, and every selection tool are expected to use “add subtract, Difference, intersect” as same as border selection tool.

Or I may prefer, there is only one active" selection tool" but it can exchange “border >circle> rasso” mode with drop down menu. or simply use short cut as same as before. then which mode we used, all “add, subtract, difference, intersect” work with current mode. (and can add short-cut)

I do not know, why border selection seems treated so special, (because it is only one mode which have new icon, and now it seems default-active tool)

I’m a bit confused. This is already the case?

Sorry, if my english confuse you. I means, current blender (at least about recent builds 2.8)
offer “Select Box tool” as Active tool. and it is default Active tool, when we oplen scene.
But not offer Circle selection, and Lasso selection as Active tool.

To use Circle Selection, I must need to use short-cut. but Circle selection tool can not use
options 'Difference, Intersect , Subtract, etc), though We can still use mid mouse button for subtract.

Why can you not use the active tools for Circle Select and Lasso Select?

Actually I can not use without short-cut for Rasso and Circle. The Select Box tool is only offeed as active tool.
And when active tool is Select Box tool, Rasso tool (Ctrl + left click drug) not work for me.

Or you means, When I use Rasso selection, I need to change Active tool to another one.
If it is intended so, I do not think it is reasonable UI .
Only border selection tool is offered with one click icon, and other selection still need to use short-cut. .

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y mean these, u have to hold and click to change the tool at least for now, or turn on ‘cycle’ in the select box tool input.

Ah I see. Sorry and thanks. I could not find these menu.howmany times I click the icons. So I tried r-clic etc.:laughing: Now I understand, the selection tool offer all 3 types it is reasonable.

I still hope New, Add, Subtract, Difference intersect options can move. which window I use as 3d view.

And sorry forgive me ,Once understand to show this menu, I can not believe why I could not :sweat_smile:

OK I actually did not find sub menus for exchange selection mode. It is my mistake.
But I dare to say, is not it better, as default, there will be simple “selection tool” without any option?

Then we just use" short cut "(by one click) and change selection mode, and can change add or subtract, without “click” buttons?

I think, Only when we really need to use new sub-options, use hold click then choose another selection mode.

Why I think so, if I use this tool frequently for selection, it will frastrate me.
Because when I use selection tool as Active tool, the behavor is decided by current active sub menu (Add, Subtract, Difference) and middle button subtract "not work anymore.

eg, when circle selection mode or Rasso selection mode, middle mouse deselect not work.
so to deselect, I need to clcik C after all. mix use button and short-cut frequently becom more complex I feel.

As user who really hope to use “button” for visuall, it is good. but if you use short-cut often,
current Active Selection tool not work well I think.

Really thanks developers… Recent build add normal “select” options !:laughing:

I do not know if another user already have requested it, or developer think again then change, anyway, I think it is better than before. I can select as same as before. and I can still use new Select otpions too

(With normal selection, short-cut C Circle selection, active, non active exchange need to repair, I think ,
middle mouse not work, once hide circle by r-click. but it is already reported )