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Hi everyone. First I have to say that this community looks a bit chaotic, but I hope I will get around. Second, I am relatively new Blender user, but not complete noob because I’m coming from different 3D package.

Saving presets
Disclaimer: I tried searching internet for blender feature request, blender preset saving, blender presets but I found nothing. So here it is.

Blender should have deeply integrated feature of saving various presets within software to organize, manage and speed up many cumbersome processes that are happening withing software.

For example: Everything under Physics Properties panel should have save preset option. Just like cloth. I’ve been trying to create specific kind of soft body and was frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t save a preset.

Do Blender needs more UX improvements. Sure. I would gladly help. I use 3D software for more than 20 years (3ds max mostly). But this is all for now.

Thank you.

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:slight_smile: Yup. Just like it.

Maybe in the future Blender could have more presets saving options with create and save library of presets, load libraries, organize presets into categories. But for now, just that simple would do the job. Only cloth has it. Fluid works the other way. And soft body, doesn’t have it.

Oops, didn’t see that… :rofl:

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Perhaps the asset manager project will take care of it… :thinking:

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Asset manager look awesome. It’s similar to collections we have now? But is it only for materials? There is problem saving all those numerous settings you do for example, fluids or rigid bodies, or soft bodies to some presets.

But it does not end just on Physics Panel. USer should be able to save numerous settings from certain panels everywhere, though I agree, materials should have priority for this.