Feature Request - Improve Mesh Selection in Edit Mode

Hi, I am new to Blender and I have been following a donut tutorial on Youtube.

I came across something (which I originally thought was a bug) with Box Selecting mesh on the object in Edit Mode.

I have two objects, icing and donut. If I am editing the icing in edit mode and I select some mesh with the box select, then it selects the mesh that I selected, but it also selects mesh on the other side of the icing as well.

Below is the video of the problem I am having:

I originally thought this was a bug, so I went ahead and made a report. You can read about it here: βš“ T94981 Mesh selection bug (Blender 3.0)

It turns out that it’s just how it has always been in Blender, and I was told that I could request this feature to be added to Blender.

Here is the explanation from one of the developers:
β€œWhat happens is that when selecting in edit mode, Blender does not consider (or see) objects outside edit mode.
So, some things that are occluded for the user are actually not occluded for Blender and so are also selected.
This behavior could change, but this would need to be discussed first and the report would be a request for modified/improved behavior.”

I’m not sure if this feature has been requested before or not, but I will go ahead and request it anyways. I assumed that the Box Select would know exactly which part of the mesh I intended to select, so when something else happened, it threw me off a bit, I really hope you guys consider this, thank you!

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