[feature] Can set restrict selection only within the active collection being edited in Outliner

Think it would be nice to have something like “Limit visibility / selection only withing active collection”

For example here we see the active collection being edited is “Project” and I want to be able to select only objects within that collection and have the rest impossible to select.

Of course to do this is possible but one has to turn off lots of collections and then turn them on again later… Often somewhat leading to moderate confusion.

Alternatively it could be done the way it’s done in Photoshop where you Alt click a collection and everything else turns off, then later if you alt click it again it all returns to how it was (remembering what was on/off throughout the rest of the scene/document.

So Alt+click would turn off else off either visibility / selectability, etc.

This is really slowing me down a bit in heavy projects where it’s not that easy to select stuff.

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