FBX Scale Unit

This has became a giant problem. A very giant fat problem for riggers and animator.
Like, why is the unit scale set to centimeters in the fbx exporter? even tho blender is starting to become a huge software, it needs at least its fbx exporter fixed, it needs its unit scale set to meters, so that users who work with game engines wouldn’t need to bother scaling up the rig, apply the scale and set unit scale to 0.01. Seriously?? why would someone do that?

The developers of this application needs to take this into consideration before 2.81 is officially out. Come on now, 25 years of blender developing, and there is still no fix for the fbx exporter.


stop complaining like a little brat. Give constructive feedback. Don’t forget, there has to be something a developer is willing to do. And after reading your post I am sure nobody would be motivated to do anything :smiley: