FBX Constraint Support

It is so frustrating how the rig doesn’t get the same results in the fbx file when using some constraints for better poses. It just keeps you completely locked, not letting you put the animated character rig that is meant to be supported by game engines.
I don’t really get why the Stretch To constraint is not completely supported by the fbx exporter yet.
It also appears that the Tracking constraints are not entirely supported yet, and that results in inaccurate poses for some bones that use a tracking constraint.
This really needs to become a bug fix in one of the next 2.8x versions.

Also I’m not trying to demand a bug fix here. What I’m really doing is I am giving the tips for the fbx importer/exporter addon that needs to be improved.

try asking autodesk for the internal documentation on how fbx works and probably those features would be added faster.

Hi @Maker26, what @NahuelBelich is trying to say is that FBX is a closed format, with the original SDK closed. In Blender this has been reverse-engineered, with all shortcomings that go with reverse-engineering.

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You’re saying that the fbx addon is still being worked on, but with very low priority?

No, I said that for Blender the FBX (binary) format was reverse-engineered - the official SDK for the format cannot be used since it has an incompatible license.

Ah, I see
Well I still hope that the developers will find a way to get the addon support the tracking constraints.