FBX Addon question

I just noticed that the inverse kinematics constraint is now supported by the fbx addon smoothly.
But it appears that the copy constraints seem to kinda break that smooth accuracy.
So the question is, are the developers of this addon still considering of adding support for the copy constraints aswell?
Will they also fix the scale problem where you have to scale the armature 100 times and set unit scale to 0.01?

You have an addon for native FBX support in blender market. It’s only 20-25$

$25 = 107 RON
I need to find a way to make the animations without having to keep a whole armature that copies the bones from the second layer.
As for the scale thing. I’m sure they’ll find a way about it, cause I saw nothing related about this in the “FEATURES” of the fbx addon from blender market.

You can ask to the creator for that things.