Exporting to game engines since Blender Internal is gone from 2.8

In 2.7, I would use Blender Internal materials to export directly to DirectX games, since I couldn’t figure out if I could do it in Cycles nodes. I hated working with it since it was super fiddly and whatnot, but hell it worked. But since BL has been abandoned (for very good reason), I’m now unsure about whether I’ll be able to continue with 2.8, which would be sad.

So will this feature be carried over to 2.8 in some capacity? For me at least, it’d be the difference between being stuck with seemingly thanks to all of 2.8’s features, an antiquated 2.79, or an advance future proof 2.8.


PS, sorry if this is the wrong section, but this seemed the most relevant to leave it in.

Blender Internal have nothing to do with exporting to other game engines or material settings in those engines since they not connected in anyway.

Engines usually only read number of material on mesh after which you have to set them up in material editor of those engines.

In my context, you have to export the Blender Render materials directly to the DirectX file before conversion to another format. Blender Internal has everything to do with it.

There is no such thing like DirectX material file. There are HLSL shaders but each engine have their unique set of them.
What game engine and formats are you using? This is strictly matter of updating python exporter plugin and this converter.

I’m making stuff for a game called OMSI 2, and once you export the model files as .x, you use a converter to convert the .x to a .o3d. There’s no real way of adding materials in the middle of the process, you do it all the modelling program. Exporting the model with materials and textures applied only works in Blender Internal, and not cycles, otherwise you just get a plain white model instead of textures and things.

This format is deprecated for many years now. Chances are it won’t be supported in 2.8 because almost nobody use it these days. I think you should ask OMSI modding community for updating python exporter. You can always open your models from 2.8 in 2.7, fix materials and use old DX exporter.

You mentioned HLSL shading before. I wonder is there a way to code in this addition somehow?

Shaders are not part of this format iirc. X format is responsible for texture and material assignments and few basic materials settings for old rendering pipeline. This means that updating exporter should be fairly easy.
I don’t know it this game allows for adding custom shaders. OMSI community will be better place to talk about this. I hope you will find solution to export your models from 2.8.

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Have you checked out Armory? It’s a game engine add-on under development for Blender ( 2.79 and 2.8 ) and shows a lot of promise. It publishes to consoles, pc’s, HTML5 etc. If it doesn’t do what you want then maybe one of the libraries it is built on has utilities you can use.