Exclude/Include objects from Lights

I have come to blender as a former 3DS Max user. I noticed in the 3.2 development that there are now lighting groups. One of the things I found very useful in Max was the ability to include or exclude objects from lighting illumination and shadow casting. This feature allowed me to light and object differently than the rest of the scene. This allowed me to light something in say a red light, but the rest of the scene was unaffected by the red light. I have looked for a way to do this. I have seen the light groups and the compositing feature, but I don’t think that can do what I am trying to do. Suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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This video addresses your question: Blender: How To Use View Layers For Selective Lighting | Blender Foundation Course: Class 10 - YouTube

I watched this video as well. Unfortunately it’s a work-around. It’s just standard render pass type stuff. I’m from C4D, where each light has a box that you can switch between include/exclude, and if you put an object in there, boom, it either sees or doesn’t see the light. Super helpful, but rendering out multiple render passes, etc isn’t ideal for quick turnaround work.